5 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Good morning everyone!  I am in a very good mood today.  It’s currently 63 degrees outside, the sun is shining, and we only have a 12% chance of rain today!  It is a nice break from the doom and gloom that has dominated our weather the past week or so.  It does, however, seem that the rain will be back with us tomorrow and Sunday. 🙁

Speaking of Sunday, in case you’re not aware, it’s Father’s Day!  Now don’t panic if you don’t have anything purchased for the dad in your life.  I am going to post a collection of last minute DIY Father’s Day gifts.  I LOVE homemade gifts.  They are so heartfelt and have so much meaning to the person you are giving them to.  It’s like giving them a piece of yourself.  So sit back, relax, and scroll through my list of ideas and find one (or two) that you like and make it yourself!

Sharpie Mug1. This idea I found on Iheartartsncrafts.com.  Its a kid made Sharpie scribble mug.  It is super easy and affordable to make.  Perfect for when you are tight on time and a budget.

Dad's Stache2. This next idea is for a super cute gift jar for dad.  The tutorial for this one is found on ThoughtsfromAlice.com.  I will probably be making this one myself. 🙂

Dad Frame

3. I love this one. All you need is some paint, a picture frame, and this free printable found at catchmyparty.com.  So cute for Dad’s office!

My heart belongs to daddy plate

4. Check out this adorable plate!  Get the how to here getallfiredup.com

Father's day card ideas

5. Here are a whole bunch of DIY Father’s Day card ideas.  They are all so cute and so simple to make.  Get the how to here craftymorning.com



3 Ingredient Lip Balm Tutorial

20150615-untitled-22Hello my lovely’s!  I have been on a crafting kick lately.  And have been looking up different products that I can make at home.  This is what happens when I am out of college for the summer.  My husband goes nuts because I get restless and he never knows what he is going to come home to.  The entire house may be rearranged or I’ve decided it is time to deep clean the entire house at the same time and it looks like a hurricane came through.  Lucky for him, this time it is just crafts, the practical ones.  I looked up what seemed like a ton of different lip balm recipes and finally settled on this one I found on threadedtogether.com.  The recipe was a lot of fun and it only took a few minutes to put together.

List of ingredients

1/4 cup coconut oil

1 tbsp & 1tsp of beeswax

Any essential oil or extract of your choice

First you will want to melt the coconut oil and beeswax together.  I recommend buying the beeswax pellets and not the block.  I bought the block and while it still works, I had a tough time figuring out how to break it up into smaller pieces so that it would melt faster.  It was difficult to cut with a knife and I ended up grating it.  So save yourself the hassle and just buy the pellets.

20150615-untitled-7 20150615-untitled-9

After your beeswax and coconut oil is melted, add around 35 drops of essential oils.  I used sweet orange essential oils.  It is a very nice scent for the summer.  I will also be making lemon.  This winter I think peppermint will be nice.  I’m excited to try them all.


At this point all you have to do is pour the ingredients into your containers.  I purchased these cute little containers on Amazon for about $10.  You will have to work quickly for this part.  The lip balm will start to harden pretty fast.  If it does get too hard, just pop your container back into microwave and you are all set to fill the rest of the containers.

20150615-untitled-18 20150615-untitled-19

This recipe filled about 12 containers.  I absolutely love them!  I have been giving them out to my friends and letting anyone I can try them.  It is very moisturizing and feels so good on my lips.

Tip: If you want you can add some vitamin E to this recipe as well.  You will want to add it at the same time you add the essential oils.

Personalized Father’s Day Mugs, Only $3.59!

shutterfly mug.jpgLooking for a last minute Father’s Day gift?  Save $10 off a $10 purchase at Shutterfly with code TOPTEN through 6/14. You can create your own personalized gift for Dad.

Use the code on this adorable Father’s Day mug, priced at $13.59, to drop the price down to just $3.59.  Shipping will add $5.99

Dad Color Blocks (reg $16.99) $13.59
Use the code TOPTEN to get $10 off a $10 purchase
Pay $3.59, plus $5.99 shipping
Final Price: $9.58

Giant Jenga-Tutorial!

Jenga TutorialHello my beautiful followers!  My step-son is graduating this year. I can’t even believe it!  It feels like yesterday I was being introduced to him for the first time and he was only 8 years old.  Time flies by so quickly!  I can’t even handle it.  I’m sure a lot of you can relate, am I right?!  His graduation party is coming up and we decided to have some yard games to play while everyone is hanging out.  Everybody loves a good game of corn hole, right?  Of course, whenever I’m searching for any type of DIY idea I head straight to Pinterest.  (anybody else addicted to that site?)  In my hunt for ideas I found a Giant Jenga game.  We LOVE the original table top game and decided we were going to make our own giant set.  Now before I start this tutorial, let me just say this is a quite the undertaking.  We were lucky and had a few tools that made the process go a bit quicker, but if you don’t have the tools we used and have to do it by hand, be prepared to be working on it for a while.

We started out with a bunch of 2X4’s.  They were given to us so we just went through them and picked ones that had the least amount of knots and looked the most uniform.  You will want to do that as well when choosing your wood.  You will then need to measure and cut each 2X4 to 10 1/2 inches.  Do not try to cut them to any other size.  They will not fit together correctly in the end and all your work will be for nothing.  When you stack them they need to be the same dimensions across as they are long.  This is why they MUST be cut to 10 1/2 inches.  You will see what I mean in a little bit.  The game only needs about 60 blocks, however, we cut a few more than that in case any split or we found any that didn’t fit together correctly in the end.

cutting them down

After all your wood pieces are cut you will then want to sand them down.  We rounded the ends and sanded each side to make sure they were smooth to prevent any unwanted splinters.  (splinters are the worst!)  You can do the sanding by hand, (this is the part where our tools saved us LOTS of time) we have a large belt sander and we just turned that baby on and sanded each one.  The sanding process took us a little over an hour.  If you are doing it by hand, it will take you much…much longer.  Also, we did our project in the basement.  If you are indoors, you will want to make sure to wear some type of face mask.  If you are outdoors you shouldn’t have a problem.

sanding them downrounded edges

For this next part we took everything outdoors.  The wood needs to be sealed and protected with an oil.  We purchased boiled linseed oil from Menards and took a couple old socks and just rubbed it into each piece of wood.  There is no special tool to help this process go any faster.  (Although, many hands make light work.  You could ask your little ones to help out with this part.)  After all the oil is rubbed onto the blocks, you will need to leave them so the wood can absorb the oil.  This will help make the blocks easier to slide as well.

boiled linseed oil rubbing in the oil

We waited about a week and reapplied a second coat of the boiled linseed oil.  Just to make sure they were good and protected.  You can go ahead and play with it between times.  Just don’t leave them outdoors until the boiled linseed oil has fully soaked in.

game fell over fun for all

If you have any comments or questions post them below!  Hope you have fun making this game!

Life Update

life updateSo after taking a few months off of blogging to gather my thoughts and re-evaluate what I really want to accomplish with this blog, I’ve decided that I’m just going to share my life, what I’m doing, where I’m going, what I’m buying, what I’m making, etc.  There are so many blogs out there who do exactly what I was doing previously, which is strictly sharing deals and coupons.  You, my beautiful readers, can get that information any and everywhere.  And probably from much more informed bloggers than myself.  So, I started thinking, what makes my readers want to come back to my site?  What do I offer?  What makes me unique?  I pretty much didn’t have an answer to those questions.  So, I’m changing that.  I just ask that you all bear with me during this time while I try to find myself and my niche.  I’m really excited to start sharing my life with you.

Sunday Coupon Preview

newspapersIt has been reported that we will be receiving four (4) coupon inserts today!  Talk about awesomesauce!!  Here is a list of coupons that you can expect to see.  Remember, coupon inserts vary by region.  The coupons in your insert may not be for the same amounts/products.  Check your inserts to see what you have!



Procter & Gamble

$3.00/1 – Always Discreet Liner or Pad Product from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$3.00/1 – Always Discreet Underwear Product from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$0.50/1 – Always Pad or Feminine Wipes Product from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$0.50/1 – Always Pantiliners, 30 ct or larger from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$1.00/1 – Always Radiant or Infinity Pads from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$1.50/2 – Aussie Shampoos, Conditioners or Styler Products from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$3.00/3 – Aussie Shampoos, Conditioners or Styler Products from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$0.50/1 – Bounty Basic Product from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$0.25/1 – Bounty Napkin from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$0.25/1 – Bounty Product from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$1.00/1 – Cascade Actionpacs from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$0.25/1 – Charmin Product from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$2.00/1 – Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
Free – Clairol Root Touch Up when you buy (1) Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/15/2015)
$3.00/1 – CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)
$3.00/1 – CoverGirl UltraSmooth Foundation from PG 3/1 (Exp: 03/31/2015)

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Me, Gifts, Deals, and a Baby Shower!

Good morning world! I have been trying to figure out what makes me unique.  What makes my wonderful viewers (you!) want to come visit my website again and again?  So, I’ve been taking some time and asking my friends and family what people want to see.  I’ve ultimately decided, what makes me unique is that I am me!  So, I am going to share more of me with you!  (I’m apologizing in advance)  Don’t worry, the deals and coupons are not going away.  I mean really, they are as much a part of me as my right hand!  I honestly can’t go to the store without at least one coupon in hand. Continue reading →

Kroger Free Friday Download!

kroger free fridayHead over to Kroger.com to download today’s Free Friday offer!  It’s for one (1) FREE Mountain Dew Kickstart, 16oz!

What is Free Friday Download?

An exclusive benefit to having an account online at kroger.com is FREE products (yes, we said FREE!). When you download the free product coupon, it will be loaded directly to your Shopper’s Card and applied at checkout in-store.


How does it work?

  1. Visit this page on Fridays.
  2. DOWNLOAD the digital coupon for the free product (make sure to download between 12:00 am and 11:59pm PT). View the coupon under ‘My Coupons’ in your account online or in the mobile app.
  3. You have two weeks to redeem this coupon in store! Pick up the product at your local Kroger store and digital coupon will automatically apply at checkout.
  4. Don’t forget to check back on Fridays to see if a free product is available for download!
  5. Save even more with additional digital coupons you can load directly to your card.
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Sunkist or 7-Up 12-Packs, Only $2.00 at Walgreens, Starting 3/1!

sunkist tenStarting next week 3/1, Walgreens will have  Sunkist, Canada Dry, 7-Up and A&W soda 12-packs be on sale for $3.00! Print $1.00 off 12pk Sunkist Soda TEN™ product and use it to score the soda for only $2.00!

Buy 3 Sunkist Ten, Canada Dry Ten, 7-Up Ten or A&W Ten Sodas, 12 oz 12 pk $3.00 each, when you buy 3, sale price 3/1-3/7
Limit 3
Use three $1.00 off 12pk Sunkist Soda TEN™ product
Final Price: $2.00 each, when you buy 3

**You will need two computers to print off three (3) coupons.

$1.00 off 12pk Sunkist Soda TEN™ product